Baby’s First Email App

It’s a fact of life that some kids are using gadgets at a younger and younger age, so it makes sense that at some point we’d start seeing apps that help the youngest users actually use the tool in their hand (rather than play with it).

Maily is a new iPad app which is designed for users as young as 4 years old.  It includes some of the same features as your average email app, only it offers them in a more controlled, less visually confusing environment. The app has a very visual design, which should help kids understand what is going on.

Mashable has more details:

Maily co-creator Halberthal tells Mashable he and Galle were inspired to develop an children’s email system when realizing kids used tablet devices to play games and watch video, but seldom were able to reach out and connect with others using those same devices. Since email services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail require those who register to at least be 12 years of age, Halberthal adds, there was a need for kids to safely participate in a daily activity.