BabyBarista Has a New Guardian

BabyBarista has a new home: Following blogger Tim Kevan’s decision last month to leave The Times and The Sunday Times so his blog wouldn’t be trapped behind a pay wall, Guardian News & Media stepped in, and the fictional account of a junior barrister practicing at the English bar will now appear on its own site and in the new law section on
Kevan hinted about the possibility of switching U.K. newspapers in a blog post last month, writing:

Speaking of which, perhaps an even bigger casualty of The Times‘ decision than the newspaper as a whole may well be the Law Section, which, until recently, has been in my view the No. 1 place for legal news in the country. However, The Guardian has recently launched a Law Section that very clearly lays siege to that position. With The Times disappearing from public view, the inevitable reduction in traffic that will follow it leaves an obvious gap in the market and makes The Guardian‘s timing seem particularly opportune. editor Janine Gibson said:

This is a great example of how we are pioneering digital innovation and openness, working both commercially and editorially with the online community through our Open Platform, rather than shutting them out. This is just the first step toward working in new ways with talented writers, bloggers, and creators.

And Kevan added:

Not only does The Guardian have what I consider to be the most vibrant and innovative online presence of any of the national newspapers, but also what is now the very best law section, freely available to all. I’m particularly impressed by the way they have introduced the idea of partnering with bloggers such as myself, allowing me to retain my own Web site and identity. It’s a paradigm-shift away from the old-school need for ownership and exclusivity and is definitely the way forward for traditional media to harness the power and energy of the Web’s creative forces. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.