B5Media Terminates Entire Entertainment Network; 50 Freelance & Full-Time Bloggers Gone

Blog network B5Media has abruptly closed down its Entertainment network, leaving more than 50 bloggers out in the cold, without a clue what’s happened.

We’re working on this story now, so more as we can get it, but it seems gloomy.

Robin Parrish, the blogger for ApproachingLost.com, Tweeted about an hour ago: “APPROACHINGLOST.COM IS DEAD. b5media just terminated the entire Entertainment network. Devastated. Angry. Totally numb.”

B5Media is launching a new entertainment hub called Crushable.com, which is apparently going to replace the old Entertainment network, without any crossover from old freelancers.

Update: The buzz on Twitter is that B5 gave no notice to bloggers before cutting them free. People have been locked out of their blogs and haven’t been told how long their sites will remain up.

Update: Amanda Ernst, who was one of us until just ten days ago, is getting some flack just for being a part of the new site.

Update: Here’s more reactions from B5 bloggers:

And some harsher words from others: