B5Media Bloggers, Analysts, Speak

Yesterday, B5Media abruptly shut down its entire Entertainment network, which pulled the plug on more than 50 blogs and sent many freelancers scrambling to find new clients.

“We’re putting b5media on death watch,” wrote Duncan Riley, a founder of the company who left it years ago. A later story by Riley used the headline: “B5media To Launch New Celebrity Site Wednesday, Bathed In Fired Blogger Blood.”

One blogger wrote: “They sent a GENERIC termination letter and nothing else. So unprofessional!”

We also heard from Sherry Osborne, who had four separate entertainment blogs with b5media: “I’m blindsided by the sudden drop,” she told us via e-mail. “I think it’s unprofessional to let excellent and established writers go with no notice, and I feel just because you can contractually drop an entire channel of bloggers doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”

Deborah Ng of Freelance Writing Jobs used to write for B5media, and she says “I’m in a better place now.” After she left: “As I watched b5 change from this happy, bloggy commune to a content portal I was sad for my friends at b5 but happy I made the right decision. The whole community element was gone. Everything I dug about the place was gone.”