The State Of B2B Social Media 2013 [STUDY]

Did you know that Twitter is the business to business (B2B) social media platform of choice, favoured by 85 percent of B2B brands, ahead of LinkedIn (82 percent), YouTube (77 percent) and Facebook (71 percent)?

These are the latest findings from B2B Marketing in their 2013 Social Media Benchmarking Report, which noted that while driving traffic to their website was the primary goal for B2B marketers using social media, almost two-thirds (61 percent) described their social marketing strategy as “ad-hoc”.

Moreover, close to half (44 percent) stated that they were able to calculate social media ROI “rarely or not at all”, with less than one-in-ten (9 percent) being able to successfully do this “most of the time”.

Check the infographic below for all the key highlights from the study.


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