B-Interaktive’s Steampunk Gyroscope Game Full Ahead Launches on iOS

German game developer b-interaktive has announced the launch of Full Ahead on iOS devices. The game sees players helping V3RN, a mechanical repair drone, navigate levels inside a submarine, with the goal of repairing it and helping it resurface. The game is designed as a “comic steampunk” adventure, and sees users controlling V3RN with gyroscope controls.

Full AheadIn each of the game’s 80+ levels, players have the ultimate goal of tossing V3RN into a navigation pipe, but players are also encouraged to collect three gears as well. Users toss V3RN by moving their phone forward in a rapid, underhand throwing motion, with the direction and strength of the movement determining the direction and speed of V3RN’s movement within the game. Players can reset V3RN to his starting position as often as they’d like, in order to collect all three gears before completing a stage.

It should be noted that collecting these gears isn’t mandatory, so players can move on whenever they like by tossing V3RN into the correct pipe.

Levels become more complicated as players progress, with obstacles in the way of pipes, longer distances to clear, moving pipes, pipes hanging from the ceiling (and fans used to enter them), and so on. Players can tap a sonar button to highlight key objects in each stage, like gears that might otherwise be difficult to see, or to highlight which pipe is the correct pipe, in levels containing more than one, as examples. In addition, tapping and holding on the screen activates the bot’s turbo mechanic, giving it an extra boost as it flies.

A player’s score for each stage is determined by their speed of completion and the number of collected gears. These scores can be compared with friends via Facebook Connect.

Full Ahead is available to download for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. Additional levels will be added to the game in future updates.