5 Tips for Saving Time in the Social Networking Age

In today’s social networking age, everything is immediate. Users like you and me do not consider it an option to save time by doing less. We all have different needs and they all must be met.

Picture this: You’re a busy entrepreneur–take Elon Musk, for instance. Full plate doesn’t even begin to describe your nonstop schedule, and on top of that, you have a profile on every forum that exists.

You get so many notifications per hour, your head starts to spin–text messages, LinkedIn notifications, tweets, emails, pokes, Instagram direct messages, friend requests and more, which will in total, take you half a day to acknowledge.

It’s not even lunchtime, and you are already exhausted.

Socializing in 2016 now comes with more options than ever before, and while each tool invented is helpful and has distinctive features, it’s not always easy to manage time effectively, but imperative to be productive with each minute, even if you’re not Elon Musk.

I, too, have a crazy schedule and receive nonstop social alerts each day. As I read down the notification list on my iPhone 6S, I no longer open each and every notification to further read the content unless it’s meaningful to me. This social filtering made me realize how much time I would have actually wasted if I didn’t utilize all of these tools.

At this point, I started to think of delving into the not-so-time-saving sides of social networking and decided to provide a simple but comprehensive list of ways to help the busy socialites have some time off their hectic schedules.

Of the five tips I am going to share, some are clever tweaks of what we face every now and then, while others are blatant facts and might appear to be quite obvious after you read them.

Focus on what really matters

Our socializing instincts take over almost instantaneously on social networks. While you may have set objectives for the day, socializing can derail you from your objectives.

Social networking is a melting pot of data from all over the globe that can easily distract you. Each and every social network has its own benefits. However, it is common that all of them are equally addictive and time-consuming. We often lose the most productive hours of day being caught up in activities of lesser priority.

The simplest of activities is browsing your News Feed. Scrolling through takes you through an endless compilation of events of little or no value to your actual task, only to realize that you have spent an overwhelming amount of time on it.

You should train your mind to focus and complete your objectives without getting lost in the two zettabytes of data available worldwide. There are three key facts you should consider if you want to gain more focus at your work.

Concentrate: Our mind indeed travels faster than light, and concentration is the key mechanism to take control of the elusive velocity. To achieve concentration, we need to first figure out what causes us to lose concentration and the fixes to overcome them. Experts claim that psychological issues like depression, anger, anxiety and more can result in loss of concentration. Hence it is necessary to have a healthy mindset from the very beginning of the day so that you can start fresh. Moving on, there are possibilities that situations will arise where you might feel the stress at the back of your mind, but you should keep yourself from being carried away and tame the anxiety within yourself. Another helpful tip is to break each task into a set of smaller, more manageable action items, so that you can deal with them one by one. Each will require less time and, as a result, you will be able to concentrate more, even if you have a short attention span.