Axl Fracas Affirms Need For Tabloids — And Their Nonexistent Blogs

We were a bit startled to see this shot of Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger on the cover of the New York Post Saturday morning. Not because of the unlikely scrapple itself, nor that the Post would run it on the front page (hell, we’d run it on the front page, too). We were shocked because few if any of our favorite NYC gossip-leaning blogs had it on Friday — the fight occurring late Thursday into the wee hours Friday, obviously beyond the deadlines of the papers that would care about such a bizarre brouhaha.

Two points: First, how the #%#! does a fistfight between Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger not appear in the late edition of the paper? (As Gawker points out, the Post apparently pulled an item published in, oddly, Friday’s early edition in favor of Saturday’s cover story.)

Which brings us to the next, crucial point: Where’s Page Six: The Blog? Or Lowdown in real-time? Surely they’d rather have the option to post “Axl-Tommy I” than wait the 30-plus hours to run the story on Saturday, a day when most people we know pick up the Post or News by accident.

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