In the midst of Karl Rove rapping, we forget about this little love story from Wednesday’s “Hardball” (via Hotline):

    Chris Matthews said on “Hardball” last night: “Tonight’s the radio and TV Correspondents Dinner, the big Washington annual event where I met my wife Kathleen 29 years ago. It was 1978. I was a mid-level staffer at the White House. Kathy was a producer at WJLA TV. We were introduced by Anne Edwards of the White House staff and have been together since. Kathleen and I are bringing as our guest tonight Darrell Hammond of ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Darrel is that uncanny mimic. He can do the very soul of Bill Clinton. He brings Dick Cheney to the stage better than Dick Cheney does. And he does me as good if he is doing them. He must be pretty good. Although I cannot tell, because nobody can tell how someone is doing you. In fact, you would not know, people watching, what it’s like to have somebody imitate you, because you do not know what your like” (MSNBC, 3/28).