Twitter-Enabled App Awessome Offers A Visual Repository Of All Your Recommendations

Tweets that you see that you want to save for the future, whether to give the linked-to article a deeper read or to remember what the tweeter said about a certain subject, you can simply favorite.

Then you can access all your favorites right from your Twitter profile. Which is great.

But what about if you want to save a record of any specific recommendations your tweeps make, and any recommendations that you make? Wouldn’t it be useful to have a single place to store all these nuggets of information, kind of like Evernote or Springpad or Pocket, but instead of for bookmarks and notes, for personalized recommendations of cool stuff to do, see, and read?

Enter: Awessome.

This, for lack of a better word, awesome new app is a beautifully organized, visual journal of all you and your friends’ recommendations.

So if your friends ever want to know your favorite books, bars, coffee shops, movies, the details on that resort you found that great deal on last year — you can point them to your profile on Awessome. And vice versa.

A recommendation consists of:

-An image (what the recommendation looks like)
-Title (what you’re recommending)
-Optional Review (why you think it’s awesome)
-And belongs to a Collection (Restaurants, Books, etc.)

Here’s an example:

You can add recommendations by tweeting with the hashtag #awessome, or else upload directly to the site. Then you search by filtering through different themed collections.

A cool design feature of the app is its Hulu/Netflix-inspired horizontal scrolling. Plus, recommendations run the gamut from The Hobbit movie to Yellowstone National Park to a random hole-in-the-wall cafe in New York, and everything in between.

We’re kind of loving this.

Download the app here.