Away for the Day(s)


This writer is currently writing this from his hotel room in the upper east side of a lovely place often referred to as “The Kansas City of the East,” New York City. That said, because he’s here for job duties and will be busy running around the city doing work and buying cheap watches from guys selling them on blankets, not to mention finding many dead bodies in Central Park, a la “Law and Order,” he’s decided to hand the reigns this week back over to our faithful go-to woman of design, Mary Beth Klatt. We hope you enjoy her writing as much as we do. And if you happen to live in New York and see this writer standing around on some corner, with a fold out map, wads of cash in his hand, saying, “Excuse me, New Yorkers, I’m just in from the Midwest and I’m lost,” please help him out by giving some words of advice or at least just mugging him so he learns a lesson.