Awards: When, and When Not To Pitch

Every company – and their PR team – loves to higlight awards they’ve won, and rightfully so. However, there are some instances when pitching an award win, or submitting at all for that matter, may not be the best choice. One instance: tech magazine Red Herring, which was evicted from their offices this week due to financial troubles.

Silicon Alley Insider managing editor Peter Kafka sent PRNewser a heads up on his post, asking, “Do you really want to boast about being honored by a publication that can’t keep a roof over its head?”

Peter has received two pitches over the last few days from PR firms promoting their clients being named to the Red Herring 100 list.

One of the pitches was addressed, “Hi, Technology.” To be fair, the VP from that firm did issue a straight forward response in the comments, apologizing for the mail merge mistake.

But it bears the thought – avoid pitching a top 100 award from one media outlet, to another media outlet that has their own top 100 award.