Award Shows D&AD and The One Club Form Partnership

Our sister/brother blog AgencySpy has reported on an interesting joining of forces between two of the ad world’s largest annual awards organizations. The UK-based D&AD has announced that it will be working in joint partnership with the NY-based The One Club in forming Pencil Rankings, a system that will tabulate the wins from both awards shows and factor them all together. While some readers commenting on AgencySpy’s post about the collaboration have called it simply a money making scheme or similar to a stripped down version of The Gunn Report, which collects and tallies award winners for an annual book that sells for roughly $200, the Pencil Rankings site is brand new and difficult to judge until it starts operating next year. The big take-away here, to us, is the collaboration between these two big shows. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Here’s a bit from the new site about how the two see the new system working:

Launching in 2011, the newly-created ‘Pencil Rankings’ will measure performance in these two shows alone. Awards achieved in each environment will accrue a defined number of points, which are then totaled to provide an index of performance across both shows. The Pencil Rankings will be searchable, so agencies and clients can see overall performance, or performance within a defined subset, such as region, medium or agency type.