Avot Media: Young Users Embrace Mobile Video

Avot_Media.jpgMediaPost is reporting that more than half (55%) of those 29 and under would be willing to send a text message to request a mobile video that looked interesting, according to an Avot Media survey of 400 mobile customers. (Avot Media is a mobile video provider, so take everything they say about this with a huge grain of salt.)

The study found that about one-third would be willing to watch “American Idol” performances and instructional how-to videos, while 36% would watch movie trailers, the report said. “Among their biggest concerns about mobile video were image quality, download time and video freezing or stuttering.”

Avot, meanwhile, is busy testing service that lets mobile users view instructional videos about in-store products by entering an SMS short code to obtain a link. So far the company is testing it in various Home Depot stores in Florida, as we reported back in May.