Avoid These Bad-Boss Moves

Is this you?

Once you’re in a position to manage people, you quickly realize that the ability to do so effectively requires attentiveness and careful execution. It is also a role that requires balancing polar tendencies: you want to be friendly and approachable, but not so friendly that your staff can walk all over you. And you will drown in work if you don’t delegate, as you will if you micromanage when you do delegate:

Ah, the catch-22 of delegating a task to a team member only to minutely oversee his every mouse click. The three senior managers we talked to each cited it as the No. 1 gripe employees have about their bosses.

And [Allen & Gerritsen EVP Amy] Muntz totally gets it. “I was a complete micromanager when I first started out,” she says. “Like many new managers, I tried to stay on top of every little thing my team did, which was unproductive and exhausting. It eventually led to me having to let go.”

The fact is being a great manager means you are comfortable setting the vision and empowering the talented folks you have on your team, adds Muntz. “The best managers don’t tell others how to do their work; they help create and nurture an environment where their team can do their best work.”

As you struggle internally, you may not be aware of how your actions are perceived externally by staff. We’ve created a list of 10 management mistakes and how to fix them. Do you see yourself in any of them?

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