Avoid Embarrassing Mis-Tweets with HootSuite’s New Secure Profile Tools

There has been a spate of Twitter misfires lately, with large organizations tweeting things meant for the personal accounts of their social media managers. In response to all of this embarrassing attention, HootSuite has unveiled its latest feature, Secure Profiles, to help those managing multiple social media accounts avoid a Twitter catastrophe.

In March alone, both the Red Cross and Chrysler have experienced the PR disaster that follows from a mis-tweet. The Red Cross and Chrysler tweeted, from their official accounts, a very unprofessional observation about getting drunk and an expletive-riddled complaint about drivers in Detroit respectively. These organizations responded very differently to the tweets, but they both blamed it on the same thing: using a third-party Twitter management dashboard and sending a tweet meant for the personal accounts of their social media managers to the official account by mistake.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds to make sure a tweet gets sent from the right account, especially if you are a large organization and you have multiple people managing multiple accounts.

HootSuite has launched its latest feature partially in response to these high-profile Twitter misfires. Secure Profiles is designed for social media teams, to ensure that there is no confusion when multiple people are managing business Twitter accounts.

Any profile designated as “Secure” will require an extra step for confirmation when a team member opts to tweet from that account.

HootSuite also mentions that this feature offers multi-tiered account provisioning, to prevent situations when someone who shouldn’t have had access to an account retains it and uses it for nefarious tweets, such as the recent deluge of stressed-out tweets from a jilted intern on the Marc Jacobs Twitter account.

HootSuite’s Secure Profiles tool is available exclusively for Enterprise Members. It is currently available for the web-based HootSuite client, and will be made available on Blackberry, Android and iPhone shortly.