Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis With Fabulously 40

fab40A mid-life crisis is not just for men. There are plenty of women who pass the 40-year-old benchmark and find themselves flooded with emotions and feelings. Before you spend countless hours on a psychotherapists couch, we recommend you check out Fabulously40, a social network designed for – sorry guys – ladies over 40.

With a mantra of helping ladies nurture themselves, the Website is loaded with editorial content written by “expert” columnists. From lifestyle to career – celebrity gossip to recipes – there’s a good chance you’ll find articles that are beneficial to you.

And what would a social network be without blogs, videos and photos. For those entering their fifth decade on earth, Fabulously 40 gives you an avenue to meet and lean on people in the same boat. Just fill out a profile page, start leaving comments, and your network will begin to grow.

Overall the Website boasts a slick design that we are confident people over 40 can easily navigate. My only concern is the broad nature of the content. The community might be attempting to cover too much ground given the number of competitors in the space. Refining content might be something we’ll see Fab40 tackle if traffic doesn’t pick up. A social network is only as strong as its members.

They tell me that life begins at 40. I’ve got plenty of life to live before that. But it is comforting to know that online communities will always give us a place to go so we’re not alone.