Average Very-Obvious Joke Covers to Real Entries: 6,000 to 1


What does Jermaine Dupri and the world of design have in common? We have no idea. Wait, yes we do. They’re both involved in this, the mother of all strange design contests, as announced today on Yahoo’s music site: “Janet Jackson Wants Fans to Design New Album.” Yep, they’ll be someone who will take all of the photos available online, jumble ’em up all crazy (a quote from Janet herself: “That’s what it’s really about. For them to manipulate it and get creative, and go wherever their images takes them.”), and then win the contest. What do they get in return? The first million albums printed will feature that person’s cover and, well, that’s it. Oh, you also get your own copy of the album you designed, and Jackson’s entire back catalog. Personally, we think that’s kinda weak. All that effort and they couldn’t throw in, say, a flat screen tv or maybe a boat? But that’s not so important. What is is watching how soon this might backfire and result in absurd entries or a Fark (or Fark-like) contest.