Average User has 5.54 Social Media Accounts, Says Study

How many social media accounts do you have?

How many social media accounts do you have?

Facebook, almost certainly. Probably Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn for work, of course. Maybe you tried Google+. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest?

You probably use more platforms that you think.

Indeed, internet users worldwide have an average of 5.54 social media accounts, reveals new data from GlobalWebIndex, with 16-24 year-olds boasting more than six.

These numbers are based simply on account ownership. When you break it down by active usage, 25-34 year-olds are actually the most engaged users, maintaining a presence on slightly more than four channels.

Internet Users Have an Average of 5.54 Social Media Accounts [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: GlobalWebIndex.)