Nick Fury, Furious Over Avengers Criticism, Takes To Twitter

The Avengers movie is out and everyone is dying to see it, but New York Times film critic, A.O. Scott has a review that may surprise you. He not only roundly criticizes the movie, he takes aim at the folks going to see it too.

Well, one person reading the review, Samuel L. Jackson (who plays Nick Fury in the Avengers), isn’t having it. And he took to Twitter to stir things up.

A.O. Scott was pretty cutting in his criticism of the movie, telling readers that “the light, amusing bits cannot overcome the grinding, hectic emptiness” of the rest of the film. And he seemed to characterize Samuel L. Jackson’s character as lazy, saying “Mr. Jackson, with an eye patch and his well-practiced bellow, is more master of ceremonies than mission commander.”

But the best part was when he criticized people who will see the blockbuster, calling them submissive for doing so.

. . . the true guiding spirit of their movie is Loki, who promises to set the human race free from freedom and who can be counted on for a big show wherever he goes. In Germany he compels a crowd to kneel before him in mute, terrified awe, and “The Avengers,” which recently opened there to huge box office returns, expects a similarly submissive audience here at home. The price of entertainment is obedience.

Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter and had the following to say about A.O. Scott and his verbose review.

Some folks shot back at Jackson, but the sentiment overall was supportive, with the tweet retweeted countless times.


What do you think? Was Samuel right to blast the critic? And do you plan to see the movie (like good sheep)?

(Samuel L. Jackson picture from Shutterstock)

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