Avatron Air Display for iPad Gets Microsoft Windows Support But Doesn't Work

Air Display is a $9.99 appthat is supposed to let you extend a display from your WiFi-enabled desktop or notebook to your iPad or iPhone. I never got it to work with my MacBook. But, I kept the app installed on my iPad for the day when Avatron added Microsoft Windows support to the app. That day came last week with the version 1.2 update. So, I downloaded and installed Avatron’s Air Display drive for Microsoft Windows on a netbook running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

A reboot is required after installing Avatron’s driver. Their Air Display utility did not see my iPad. So, I turned to Avatron’s troubling shooting web page:

Air Display Troubleshooting for Windows

I turned off the firewall and rebooted the netbook again. This time, Avatron’s Windows utility saw the iPad. Unfortuantely, that’s all it did. I tried a number of settings on the netbook (there aren’t any settings in the iPad app) to manually extend the monitor. But, nothing worked. In the end, it was about 30 minutes of wasted time.