Avanquest Eases Mobile-PC-Web Photo Sharing

Avanquest has come out with a new photo-sharing application that works across mobile phones, PCs and the Internet.

A subscription to the SendPhotos service includes a mobile phone client, a PC client and free online access to 1GB of storage, all for free during the beta period. Avanquest SendPhotos is certified to work with more than 140 cell phone models, including the T-Mobile G1, iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Bold and Pearl.

The mobile client automates the uploading of pictures to the SendPhotos.com portal. The iPhone version includes a photo editor for cropping, coloring and adding fun features and text to the images.

SendPhotos PC allows for easily organizing, editing and sharing photos online or offline. SendPhotos Web provides a private online portal for uploading, archiving, synching and sharing digital images. Users can set it up so only authorized friends, family or colleagues can access the site. The service also includes remote printing capabilities and the ability to embed a photo album created in SendPhotos in a Web site or blog.