The Lesbian Lede of the Year

FishbowlLA combs through a lot of daily press releases. But rarely do we encounter one as delightfully worded as today’s missive for

The name of the website is hard to top, but the folks responsible for today’s 2011 calendar trumpet-blow (and December 17th Hollywood launch party) pull it off, hilariously. Here’s how the press release begins:

They’re community activists, actresses, musicians, party promoters, writers, comedians, yoga teachers, and educators. They wear boyshorts, lace bustiers, g-strings, tank tops, lace, knee-socks, gauzy tees, fishnets, sports bras, bikinis, neckties and boxers. They’re all gay.

That’s not a press release; that’s a reality TV show pitch. Later on in the release, there is mention of the fact that the New York calendar girls casting call required women “with unique personalities and a readiness to be photographed in their underpants.” FTW!

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