Automobile Magazine Relaunches With a New Design and More Lifestyle Coverage

With 10 annual issues, editorial will focus on deeper dives

Automobile, one of The Enthusiast Network's automotive brands, is relaunching. Automobile
Headshot of Sami Main

The Enthusiast Network, which houses publishing brands in the automotive, entertainment and sports categories, is relaunching its Automobile magazine.

The network’s research showed that the modern-day “car guy” is a multifaceted individual with multiple passions. It also found high levels of interest in design, high-end apparel, tech and travel, which it took as evidence that members of its target demo lead “highly engaged, passionate, full lives.”

To that end, Automobile’s new look and coverage will feature more in-depth reporting on vintage and collectible cars, auction results and market analysis, all in a larger and more premium print format.

The brand, which originally launched in 1986, will continue to focus on “Youngtimers,” cars from the 1970s to ’90s that are a newly popular category of collectible cars. It also believes its expanded coverage of lifestyle topics will allow it to deliver to an underserved audience and bring new life to the brand.

According to TEN CMO Jonathan Anastas, all of their automotive brands have a collective reach of 123 million people, and Automobile is leading the charge.

“Our audience is also [largely] unduplicated in men’s media,” Anastas told Adweek.

“Car guys are more than just car guys these days,” he said. “They can be tech guys or watch guys, too.”

As Automobile expands, so has TEN’s presence on digital platforms, providing Automobile content to an SVOD audience and many original YouTube programs. While the relaunch is to embrace the future of automotive and tech trends and the complex people who read the magazine, it’s also a nod to the founder of the publication’s ideals, David E. Davis, who was known for his innovative ideas and loud opinions.

“We’re reinforcing the ‘no boring cars’ ideal we set out with 30 years ago,” said Mike Floyd, Automobile’s editor in chief. “We want to match our audience, who is trend conscious and tech savvy.”

The new pacing and layout of the magazine will encourage readers who want the leisurely experience of reading in-depth pieces in print, and breaking news items can be found on the web.

Automobile will publish 10 issues annually, with four signature issues devoted to special topics like what new and future cars will look like.

“This is not just for auto buffs anymore,” Floyd said. “This is more considered and more grand. With Automobile, you can see and experience things here that you can’t get any other place.”

The relaunch of Automobile will be on stands on June 30 for its August issue, and social media outreach from influencers will begin this month.

@samimain Sami Main is social editor for Adweek, where she posts Adweek content onto social platforms and looks for creative ways to communicate what's new.