Automatically Upload Pictures To Dropbox

One of the features of Windows Phone 7 that I really like is that it automatically uploads pictures to my SkyDrive account, I don’t have to select any menu items or press any buttons, the picture is just uploaded. Android provides the ability to upload pictures to a variety of different services and social networks, but that requires multiple taps to tell the phone to share the picture and specify the service.

Picplz, which is quickly becoming my favorite Android app, makes it easy to share pictures with multiple services on the Internet, and it just added Dropbox integration so that you can automatically backup all pictures to it and send the picture files to your computers. You will need a Dropbox account, which I highly recommend for the free 2 GB of storage that it provides along with automatic file synchronization with desktop computers. Next, log in to Picplz, go into your Account settings, select Connections and configure the Dropbox connection.

Now that Picplz is connected to your Dropbox account, every picture that you take and share with Picplz is copied to Dropbox. If you add an affect to a picture, both the original and the altered pictures are copied to Dropbox. Here is where the Picplz and Dropbox integration becomes really useful. If you have Dropbox for Windows or OS X running on your home computer, the pictures that you take are automatically copied to your computer.

Take a picture with Picplz running on an iPhone or Android smartphone, share it with your favorite social networks, and bam, the pictures are automatically copied to Dropbox and to your home computers. No more connecting the smartphone using a USB cable to transfer pictures. Picplz is free and Dropbox is free, so what are you waiting for!