Autography iPad App Now Available – Let the eBook Signing Begin

This app has been some months incoming, and today it’s finally here.

Back in May, eBookNewser covered the BEA 2011 trade show and we reported on the various eBook autographing systems on display. One of the more sophisticated systems on display was Autography. This is probably the best known system, and while it may be well liked it was also hampered by one pesky detail.

It is built around an iPad app which wasn’t available to the public when we covered Autography back in May. It hadn’t been released at that time becuase the developers of Autography didn’t think it was stable enough to be used by the general public (no app is better than a broken app). This meant that all the times that Autography was shown of at one event or another, someone with Autography was holding the iPad.

Today that has changed. You can now buy the Autography app in iTunes for $10. Admittedly, that’s a little pricy, but it’s not unreasonable. The app will enable authors to provide at no cost to the author or the fan via the Autography website. Given the development cost of this app it’s not unreasonable for the developers to want to charge for the app.

BTW, this isn’t your only option for autographs. There are any number of apps in iTunes which will let you sign your name. There are any number of free ones, too.