Promoted Products From Auto Brands Seeing Engagement Rates As High As 87%

Here’s one for the Twitter ad naysayers: several auto brands are reporting great results from their Promoted Products.

Twitter has been selling ads since 2010, and since those early days some of its biggest advertising partners have been auto makers.

In fact, 12 percent of Twitter’s total advertising revenue for the first quarter of 2011 came from the auto sector.

So it’s no surprise to hear that these 140-character advertising darlings are seeing pretty big successes on Twitter.

DigiDay reports that car brands like Kia, Porsche and Nissan are impressed with the results they’ve seen advertising on Twitter – and are even seeing engagement rates as high as 87 percent on their Promoted Tweets.

Porsche, for instance, created a Twitter-based advertising campaign for its 2012 Porsche 911. The company used Promoted Trends – which can cost upwards of $100,000 – and Promoted Tweets – which have recently become more affordable – to showcase multimedia like photos and videos of the evolution of the 911 model.

And they had stellar results: eight out of ten of the Twitter users who saw the Promoted Trend interacted with its associated hashtag. Porsche also saw an 87 percent engagement rate with the Promoted Tweet that was attached to this Trend.

This level of engagement is nearly unheard of anywhere else on the web, social or otherwise. Facebook has had an upswing in its engagement rate thanks to the mobile ads they’ve begun serving, but typical engagement rates for these types of products are still between 1 and 3 percent.

Twitter is on track to bring in up to 400 million in revenue this year from its advertising alone – and the auto industry is largely to thank for that.

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