Auto Hustle Breaks Into The Top 20 On This Week’s List Of Emerging Facebook Games

The Chinese language version of Boss Vegas takes our number one slot while its English language counterpart falls behind one slot on our list of the top 20 emerging Facebook games. Looks like gambling games aren’t giving up their growth pattern to role-playing anytime soon.

Further down the list, we still quite a few familiar faces including Monster Hero, Flutter and a few newer faces like World Series Superstars and UFC Undisputed Fight Nation shifting around on the list. Super-violent Grand Theft Auto homage, Auto Hustle, makes the top 20 for the first time since its official launch on April 20.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. BOSS維加斯645,209+491,437+320%
2. UNO Boost™803,867+219,263+38%
3. แฮปปี้เกาะ480,286+186,865+64%
4. Miner Speed964,034+179,586+23%
5. Puzzle Saga615,514+161,994+36%
6. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game578,671+160,234+38%
7. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE141,361+137,890+3,973%
8. Farkle Pro184,407+129,221+234%
9. Flutter700,352+116,813+20%
10. Monster Hero415,431+111,711+37%
11. Boss Vegas496,730+99,805+25%
12. Footbo City483,147+99,726+26%
13. Sanal Okey540,678+91,523+20%
14. 英雄遠征-小小戰爭/開心農場活動268,367+87,165+48%
15. World Series Superstars: Baseball with MLB teams!389,327+77,251+25%
16. Battle Pirates122,464+76,454+166%
17. Hello City442,335+76,360+21%
18. Fortune Stones450,757+72,568+19%
19. Pop Boom339,617+71,530+27%
20. Auto Hustle163,106+69,405+74%

In case you missed our early look, Auto Hustle is a top-down shooter that builds on the mafia theme made popular by Zynga’s Mafia Wars. The game was developed by MetroGames, which harbors hope that the title will thrive through viral channels, despite Facebook cutting back on what’s available to games. New game discovery features may restore some of that virality to Auto Hustle’s benefit.

Back at the top of the list, Boss Vegas is a casino sim where players build casino tables and games while managing customers, revenues, and “bling.” Chinese developer Happy Elements launched the English language version of the game in early February while the Chinese language version launched back in December 2010.