Authors Discuss $2.99 Price Point

Yesterday we reported that authors are embracing the $1.99 price point to help attract new readers and sell eBooks. For self-publisher authors, $2.99 is also a popular price point, because it qualifies for Amazon’s 70% royalty rate deal.
Boyd Morrison told eBookNewser: “If I were self-publishing now, I would probably price The Ark and Rogue Wave at $2.99 in order to get the 70% royalty rate from Amazon, but I think that price is getting perilously close to the level where buyers have to make a decision rather than making an impulse purchase. I would say $1.99 is definitely below the impulse threshold, and I would probably list The Adamas Blueprint for that price. For the $1.99 price, even if the buyer ends up not liking the book, there’s not much buyer’s remorse because the price is so low. If it’s a book readers love, they feel they’ve gotten a great value for the money.”
EBookNewser readers commented similar sentiments. John Yunker said: “For what it’s worth, my novel The Tourist Trail has had good luck at $2.99 on Amazon. I can count about a half dozen other indie writers who are also at that price. But I arrived at this price partly because Amazon more or less encourages you not to go below $2.99. Its new 70% commission doesn’t support books priced lower than $2.99.”
Neil Plakcy commented: “Sales for my golden retriever mystery, In Dog We Trust, have actually gone up since I raised the price from $1.99 on July 1 based on the new Amazon structure.”