Author Writes Entire Novel on Cellphone

bernocco.jpgWhen we say “mobile media,” this isn’t what we usually have in mind. Still, props go to Robert Bernocco, an Italian IT professional who penned an entire 384-page science fiction novel using the T9 text system on his Nokia cellphone.

“It really was a time management issue. He had a book in him and really wanted to write it but found he just didn’t have the time to sit and do it on a computer,” said Gail Jordan, PR director at the book’s publishers,, in the Reuters article.

Bernocco broke his novel down into short paragraphs, which he wrote in standard Italian, not shorthand, according to the report. sells the book, called “Compagni di Viaggo (Fellow Travelers),” for $17.38.

Writer Pens Novel by Mobile Phone During Commute [Reuters via PC Magazine]