Author Readies Ezra Klein for Sainthood

On Sunday, the NYT ran a dialogue among readers on “The Rise of Incivility.” Online of course. People are jackasses online – didn’t you know? And lately cyberbullying has been in the forefront of peoples’ minds as some teens are tragically turning to suicide for relief.

Enter the so-called expert in the dialogue: Mitch Horowitz, who apparently hasn’t heard of Google. If he had, he might have a clue what he’s talking about. Instead, he’s just the author of the the forthcoming One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life. And someone who thinks WaPo‘s Ezra Klein is the epitome of “good humor and adult responses within the political discussion.”

Oh really?

Evidently Horowitz has never heard of “fuck him with a spicy acid-tipped dick” — a phrase that the adult Klein directed toward the late NBC journalist, Tim Russert, on Twitter in 2008. After the quotes emerged, he locked his Twitter account. There’s also Journolist, a now deceased secret listserv created by Klein for liberal journalists to bitch about the conservatives they cover and where the wish for people like Matt Drudge was to “die in a fire.” That was 2010.

We weren’t aware that those things count for civility. Please, Horowitz. Do your homework before you declare a Washington journalist worthy of sainthood.

And now we’ll return to practicing our positive thinking.

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