Author of Goldman Sachs Twitter Parody Account Loses Book Deal

John Lefevre, the 34-year-old former bond executive who wrote the Goldman Sachs Twitter parody account despite never actually working at Goldman Sachs, has lost his book deal.

Lefevre’s @GSElevator account supposedly detailed the absurd conversations overheard in the firm’s elevators, but it was eventually discovered that wasn’t true. Lefevre even admitted to stealing the idea from another parody account.

It was only last week that Lefevre’s identity was revealed, but it seems that’s all the time it took for Simon & Shuster to realize that publishing a book which bases its humor on something that didn’t happen was a bad call.

Lefevre told Business Insider that the decision to cancel the book was a “comical mystery” to him. We pointed it out when his identity was revealed, but once again, just for Lefevre’s sake: The authenticity of the Twitter account was the only thing that made it funny. Without that, it was just random thoughts from some dude. Not exactly book worthy material.

Despite the sad news, Lefevre said he’s got great things ahead:

This doesn’t change anything for me… I have been asked to write a regular column for two of the most prestigious capital markets publications, in addition to being an on-record source regarding the new investigation into fixed income allocation practices at Goldman Sachs and other firms.

We just hope he doesn’t make a Twitter account about that.