Author of Goldman Sachs Parody Twitter Account Never Worked at Goldman Sachs

The man behind the Goldman Sachs parody Twitter account — @GSElevator — has never even worked at Goldman Sachs. Of course. According to The New York Times, the author is John Lefevre, a 34-year-old former bond executive, who now lives in Texas.

Lefevre worked for CitiGroup for seven years, and only started the account — which supposedly repeated absurd conversations overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevator — after hearing about the Conde Nast elevator Twitter account (@CondeElevator). “I thought, ‘This is ridiculous that people are infatuated with Condé Nast,” he told the Times. “If they only saw the elitist, sexist and out-of-touch things bankers say.’ People had no idea what it is really like.”

To recap: Not only is Lefevre’s account a fraud, he stole the idea from someone else. Somehow this isn’t enough to stop Simon & Schuster from publishing a book based GSElevator. A company spokesperson said it is going through with the project.

Byrd Leavell, Lefevre’s agent, thinks that the book will still be great. “What matters is that every story in the book is true,” Leavell told the Times. “John’s material he delivered is hilarious. The book isn’t going to live or die on whether he worked at Goldman Sachs for two months or not.”

Ah, but we disagree! The humor of GSElevator is based on it being a true account of things people said in a Goldman Sachs elevator. It’s not that, therefore it’s not funny. It’s just a random collection of some things that Lefevre may or may not have heard during his years as a banker.

Why would we even believe they are real conversations, if he already (essentially) lied about working at Goldman Sachs? We don’t, which is why we won’t be buying the book.