Author Nick Earls Partners With Exciting Press For Backlist eBooks

Australian author Nick Earls, whose print novels have been published by Random House and Penguin, has partnered with independent eBook publisher Exciting Press for the exclusive digital rights to his books.

Under the terms of the partnership, Exciting Press will publish 12 titles from the author including backlist novels and an unpublished novella. In addition, Exciting Press will put out the eBook edition of Earls’ short stories “The Italian Job” and “The Secret Life of Veal.” The titles are slated for release in 2012.

Earls stated: “E-books present the greatest opportunity readers have ever had to find each other. It’s a chance for stories written for paper to find new life, and a chance for new stories to appear, freed from the constraints of paper publishing. Novels that have previously appeared in only one country – Australia in my case – can now more readily become widely available. Novellas and short stories can finally have lives of their own. I want to be part of all that.”