Author Cory Doctorow Title: Free eBook of the Day

Today’s free eBook of the day is Cory Doctorow‘s For The Win. This sci-fi novel address the challenges kids face with technology and virtual worlds in the near future. You can download various formats here.
In the above video, posted today on the author’s site, Doctorow talks about how offering free eBooks has increased book sales and keeps him honest. “I’ve been able to look my self in the mirror in the morning, I haven’t had to be a hypocrite who pretends he doesn’t copy all day long and wag my finger at other people,” he said.
“And I feel like I have been able to make 21st century art, art that is intended to be copied. I think if you are making contemporary art and you don’t think that it is going to be copied, it is not really contemporary. It’s more like being the blacksmith at Pioneer Village. That’s cool, but I am a science fiction writer, I want to make contemporary work.”
Doctrow encourages fans to make eBook versions of his work to share. From his site, “It’s kind of a tradition around here that my readers convert my ebooks to their favorite formats and send them to me here, and it’s one that I love! If you’ve converted these files to another format, send them to me and I’ll host them, but before you do, make sure you read the following…”. You can find the rules here.