Author Aaron Richard Golub Turns To Amazon’s CreateSpace

Attorney/author Aaron Richard Golub thinks that the stigma of self-publishing is going away. That is why for his second book, he decided to forego pitching it to publishers and went straight to Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing platform.

“You used to be stigmatized if you published your own book, but those days are fading,” said Golub.  “Why should I spend the next three years trying to get my book published when I can publish it right away online.”

Golub, whose first book The Big Cut came out through St. Martin’s Press, was not impressed with working with a traditional publisher. “I was in the top 10 on the LA Times bestseller list and they wouldn’t spend any money on marketing,” he said. He finds that working with Amazon has better returns. “I don’t have to share 90% of the royalties with the publisher,” he said. “The royalty spread is much better through Amazon.”

Golub’s new Kindle book is called Feisengrad. It is a satirical novel that criticizes authority. It takes place in a police state run by baseball umpires. Here is an excerpt: “”An Umpire was then immediately dispatched to the troublesome area for a little game of baseball. A cop was always present. Mischief threatened the order of the invisible system or invisible mischief threatened the order of the mischievous system.”

Feisengrad is also available through Barnes & Noble.