Austrian Go-Go Dancer Story Gets Translated

Thank God for small favors and German translators.

Yesterday we gave you the horribly garbled Google Translator version of the Austrian publication’s Go-Go story. But today, we give you a real treat: D.C. Photog Pat Ryan (who took those racy pictures at the Austrian Embassy’s Red Bull/Go-Go dancers party last week) got a German friend to translate the original story. The spelling is still mangled, but this should give you a better gist. Best line: “Half-naked models really heated up the guests.”

Read the translated story after the jump…

Everybody “Go-Go”: Embassy Really Lets Loose!

The 700 guests of honor at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, D.C. (USA), were flabbergasted: At a party on November 4, the visitors weren’t greated with the tones of a waltz, but models dancing in “go-go” style and oversized beverage cans. Now Foreign Minister Spindelegger has to get involved.

Because Green Party representative Dieter Brosz has posed a parliamentary inquiry to the Foreign Minister. Not only because last week half-naked models really heated up the guests, but above all because a well-known beverage manufacturer not only financed but apparently organized the embassy soirée all by itself.

“I’m not prudish, but go-go dancers don’t fit the image of a representative embassy party,” emphasized Brosz to Heute. He and other political representatives from Austria weren’t just embarrssed by the “half-nude matters of fact” but also were amazed “that the ambassador didn’t put a stop to the colorful spectacle,” and another visitor opined on the “completely out-of-place performance by the models.”

Spindelegger is now confronted with answersing whether embassies may allow their parties to be sponsered and if the sponsor then may have a completely free hand in its organization.