Australia’s Oldest Weekly News Magazine Closes


Another week, another old media obituary. Yesterday, Australia’s oldest weekly news magazine, The Bulletin, announced that it was closing. In a statement, ACP Magazines, publisher of The Bulletin, noted that the internet has affected circulation in weekly news magazines around the world. From The Age:

”The magazine, whose closure was announced yesterday by its publisher, ACP Magazines, had changed markedly in the course of its long history. The brash, defiant weekly that first appeared in Sydney in 1880 and quickly became a genuinely national publication — it was one of very few carrying reports from all the Australian colonies — was exuberantly egalitarian, militantly secular and rabidly nationalist. Indeed, its particular brand of campaigning nationalism would now be seen as frankly racist.

”The magazine whose final issue is now on the newsstands is very different, reflecting a much more diverse and tolerant Australia.”

There were reports yesterday afternoon that Nine Network was interested in buying the 128-year old magazine.

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