New York Times Quizzes Readers on Australian Slang

The second edition of the Australian National Dictionary was released Tuesday.

In the spring of 2015, “dry as a dead dingo’s donger” was among the expressions that helped the Twitter hashtag #AussieSayings trend. A year later, it’s part of the second edition of the Australian National Dictionary.

The Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand released the tome on Tuesday, 28 years after it first cataloged the origins and history of expressions like trackie daks, marn grook and mugachino. To mark the occasion, The New York Times has put together an interactive quiz. Here’s the question that has stumped readers the most thus far:

3. If something goes “straight to the pool room,” it is:

Inflatable and floats

The dictionary adds more than 6,000 new words to the original edition’s 10,000, including Canberran, for someone from the capital city of Canberra. Australian minister Andrew Barr told the Canberra Times he has written to Apple and Microsoft to ask that they add “Canberran” to their spellchecks, so Aussies can finally see that red, squiggly line disappear.