Austin-Based Company Hosts Arcade Parties to Recruit Job Seekers

pinballIf you’ve been wined and dined by a potential employer, more power to you!

While some job candidates may have a typical office interview, others are experiencing innovative ways to learn about a company and their culture.

Case in point: Q2, an Austin software developer, holds recruiting events at a local arcade. According to recruiting forum, their recent event with 83 candidates will yield eight to 10 new hires — not too shabby!

The party included just what you’d imagine — mingling, playing arcade games, eating pizza and most importantly, meeting employees and managers. It sounds like their recruiting event encompasses candidates from accounting to marketing based on the variety of available positions but considering their events have had a big turnout, they’re already planning another one this coming December.

Having worked in recruiting here at MJD, we have to say whenever there’s food at an event, people will show up. Add a social component to mixing and mingling and it’s a win-win all around!