Aussie PR: Easy on The Perkiness


Australia’s The Age wants us to use these slow weeks around the holidays to take it easy with our PR perkiness. In their latest vociferation on the PR industry, two writers look back at some of their favorite correspondences of the last year, first of which is:

Emails that begin with: “Hi, hope you’re well…” and mention “touching base”, “giving you a heads-up”, “running a picture and a blurb” and “let me know what you think”. A lass named Sarah from a music company managed the quadrella: “I hope you’re well. Just touching base. I was wondering if we might be able to get a mention for the show into the Diary on Monday with a picture and blurb?” You have to admire her confidence in specifying a day. “Please let me know what you think.”

The sad part is, we’ve definitely put “hope you’re well” into more than a few emails. We’re sure you do too. Should we stop?