Aussie Cops Nail Vet Who Outed Gays On Facebook

Yesterday morning, Sydney police nailed a former solider with creating a homophobic Facebook page.

Yesterday morning, Sydney police charged a former solider with creating a homophobic Facebook page that “outed” four members of the Australian Defense Force.

Australia has allowed openly gay servicepeople since 1992, but apparently that law hasn’t eliminated homophobia among all of the troops.

The 32-year-old jerk who created the “homosexual hate” page got conditional bail and must appear in Downing Centre Local Court on June 3, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He faces two charges, one count for using what the Aussies call a “carriage service” to “menace, harass or cause offense,” as the Sydney newspaper said, and the other count for using a carriage service to threaten.

The former soldier allegedly threatened a senior army officer via numerous emails. He also created the Facebook page that urged violence against gays and also outed several of them publicly, as suggested targets.

While we’re very glad to see justice meted out against the offender, we’re still a bit concerned about how long his homophobic page remained on the site unchecked. Combating anti-gay sentiment on Facebook seems like a never-ending battle.

Even if the homophobia is limited to specific pages and certain individuals’ postings, its presence at all on Facebook certainly contributes to the general sensibility among gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered folks that this social network really isn’t the place you want to go for same-sex dates, even though all the dating applications purport to offer it.

Readers, what do you think about this particular case in Australia?