Aurora Feint II: The Arena – A New Social iPhone Game

As many of you know, the realm of iPhone games has been growing substantially for the past few months. SGN alone has gone a long way alone in stimulating the evolution with its iGolf, iBowl, and other Wii-like sports titles, but beyond that there have been many other games to come about as well. One of the more popular games has been Aurora Feint: The Beginning, and has, in fact, remained popular with 4 out of 5 star review that averages over 2000 reviews in total, putting it well above your average title.

Seeing that the original went over so well, the developers sought to make use of the game’s popularity and produced Aurora Feint II: The Arena, and with it, did away with the traditional single player campaign of the first game and steers towards an asynchronous multiplayer element, reminiscent of many of the Facebook titles seen today. According to the developers, Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley, they wanted to create, what they dub an “asynchronous massively multiplayer world.”

Since the game is asynchronous, none of the competition is in real-time like in most online games. Instead, the game uses a “challenge” methodology most Facebook social gamers will be familiar with. The design works simple enough, having one person play a level (which consists of puzzles) and upon completion, sends it off to the game servers to be recorded. The recording contains not only the score, but all of the moves the player utilized to acquire it. Then when the time comes around a would-be competitor can download this data and challenge it to start a competition. A blog post on VentureBeat describes the downloaded data as “a ‘ghost’ competitor.”

While an interesting feature, it is more than just for looks. The player can actually manipulate said “ghost competitor’s” score by timing their moves at the proper moments. Using various features, you can actually alter their game in order to win, and as with many Facebook apps any user can search for any other user and create games against them, thus leaving the number of challenges out there substantial enough to satiate even the most competitive of players.

Of course, the game looks and sound great too, but unfortunately, all of these new shiny toys come at a price. Sadly, Aurora Feint II is not free to download like its predecessor, and costs about $10 at the Apple App Store. It is the hope of the developers that the prior success of Aurora Feint I and the fan base it developed will be enough to drive the sales for the sequel. Cassely states, “we’ve got to find a way to pay our bills [somehow].” Well, here’s hoping Aurora Feint II: The Arena is able to do just that.

[via VentureBeat]

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