Augen Android Tablet

Yesterday Todd wrote about an Android tablet that is being sold by K-mart for $150. After reading the post I went to my local K-mart to see if they had it in stock, which they did not, though K-mart offered to provide me a rain check to get one when it arrived. Apparently not many people have had success with finding them in a store but a few have and have posted some comments and video.

Of course the big question about this tablet is, just how good can it be for $150? The GENTOUCH Tablet PC is made by Augen and it features a 7″ touch screen. It has some respectable specs though the tablet is clearly not leading-edge. As one of the video reviews shows, the GENTOUCH appears to have a resistive touchscreen, which means that it is not as responsive to touch input as other Android phones. A good clue that it has a resistive touch screen is that the GENTOUCH comes with a stylus. Another interesting thing I saw in the videos is that the GENTOUCH appears to support cellular communication, even though there is no mention of that on Augen’s web site. Unless I am wrong, I do think I saw the familiar cellular signal strength indicator at the top of the screen.

Without having first-hand experience with the GENTOUCH Tablet it is impossible for me to give a recommendation about whether or not to buy one. Because it does not have a capacitive screen the tablet will not be as responsive as an iPad and that may make it frustrating to use, and it will not support multi-touch. On the other hand, if you don’t own an iPad or another touchscreen device with a capacitive screen, you may not find the responsiveness to be as bad as someone comparing it with other devices. Based on what I see in the video, I think the GENTOUCH might work ok for some specific tasks like watching video or reading a book, which are things that don’t require a lot of input. At $150 the price might be right for a mostly single function device, but my guess is that if you want to use the GENTOUCH to do many different things you are likely going to be disappointed.