Audiobooks Give Budding Authors an Edge

Lots of people listen to free podcasts on their iPods. There are also audiobooks you can buy online and download to your MP3 players or cellphones; companies like Audible and Apple cater to this market. But what if you’re a popular podcaster going on Oprah and your book isn’t finished?

It’s a problem some of us wish we had. But putting that aside for a moment, this New York Times article shows how author Mignon Fogarty capitalized on her Oprah appearance, even though her book wasn’t ready, by creating and selling a $4.95 audiobook that complimented her free Grammar Girl podcasts.

Within a week, her audiobook had bumped The Secret from the top audiobook spot on iTunes. Not bad.

Book not ready for print? Whip up an audiobook [NYT via CNET News]