Promises Unlimited Audiobooks for $25 a Month

Simply Audiobooks launched a new service today; they’re planning to do to audiobooks what Pandora and Spotify have done for music.

I think of audiobooks as content I download, but here’s something new. Rather than selling audiobooks, Simply Audiobooks has decided to try a streaming service. For $25 a month users are offered unlimited access to a collection of 11,000 audiobooks. You can listen via an HTML5 web app; most browsers are supported including Android and Safari.

This isn’t the first audiobooks subscription plan; Audible has been round for years. But Audible is different because it lets you download  set number of titles each month, and will let you listen to as many as you like – just so long as you have a live internet connection. This service is a little price for me, but I’m cheap. It’s slightly more expensive than Audible, and it offers a much more limited selection.  Audible has over 100,000 titles, and Audiobooks has only around 11 thousand.

I’d say that the selection is probably the weakest point for this service; I wouldn’t mind so much not being able to download and keep the audiobooks. But this service also offers the chance to use far more than just the one or 2 titles a month offered byAudible’s subscription plans; that radio like aspect has an appeal.

On  related note, Simply Audiobooks has been offering similar a unlimited rental plan for CDs for a number of years now. It looks like they heeded the lessons of Netflix’s cautionary tale, and launched an entirely separate service from the gitgo.