AudioBiblio uses the power of music to bring people into a community

AudioBiblio is not really an innovative online social community. You’ve probably heard other websites of its kind. But what amazes was when I found out that AudioBiblio was actually the brainchild of an 18-year old internet entrepreneur. Yeah, a young boy who just entered adulthood and already has a social community of his own. That’s quite a remarkable achievement, eh?

AudioBiblio allows members to upload music and access them anywhere there is an internet connection. Through music, members can meet new friends, find old ones and discover groups who share their interests. It’s pretty straightforward actually.

Registration to the site is completely free and members can upload up to 1,000 songs for free. In addition AudioBilio also allows members to:

  • invite friends to join the site,
  • search registered profiles,
  • upload photos,
  • stream playlists,
  • post comments on friend’s profiles

Aside from these features, a remarkable feature of AudioBiblio is its upload program called MusicSync which automatically search your computer for music files and adds them to your AudioBiblio account. Once uploaded, you can access your music file anywhere there is an internet connection.

There are other features of the AudioBiblio, and I’ll leave you to discover them. And like me be prepared how such a rich and interactive site came up from an 18 year old young man. How I wish it was me!