Audio Application Returns, Legitimately

While Numair Faraz, the orignial developer of the Audio application, has not returned, Jake Jarvis has decided to revive the idea. The only difference this time is that it is legal. Rather than providing a searchable and browsable directory of uploaded songs, Jake has decided to enable users to display their own music on their profile. All you need to do is upload your song through the application and it is immediately accessible from your profile.

Jake is covering all the storage, you provide the tunes. So how is the application doing? Not to shabby but nothing to brag about. The main problem is that the illegitimate brother of this application, Audibie (which I featured in my list of top 25 Facebook applications), provides all the same functionality as the original application. Given high school and college students’ history of downloading illegal songs, I seriously doubt that they are going to go the legitimate route. I could be wrong though!

The ironic part of this application is that the song must be DRM free. While iTunes provides some DRM free tracks, they are still selling a large portion of their songs with DRM encryption. If you do have DRM free tracks (that you legitimately or illegally acquired) you can upload them to this application. If you want to take the safe route and legally play music on your profile, go check out the new Audio application.