Audible for iPhone Released: Audio Book Fans Rejoice!

I was very pleased when Google and Audible released a beta vesion of the Audible for Android app recently. It made audio book reading (listening) simple on an Android smartphone. This was not the case prior to the app’s release. But, I didn’t see a big need for a similar iPhone app. After all, I’ve been listening to Audible audio books on my iPod and iPhone without any major complaints. Why would I need an Audible for iPhone app? The answer came with the release for Audible for iPhone yesterday.
Audible 1.0 (iTunes App Store)
Like the Android version of the app, Audible for iPhone lets me see my entire Aubile library. Audio books can be downloaded directly over the network with needing to sync with iTunes on a PC or Mac. This is a great feature. It also means that I don’t need to go through the ritual of downloading audio book files, importing them into iTunes, and then syncing my iPhone with iTunes./

Like the Android version, the app also introduces a bit of social networking buzz by giving achievement levels after listening for various numbers of hours. As you can see in the screenshot above, the app also provides a bit of marketing to tell you about new releases and provide access to collateral material. I’m looking forward to giving Audible for iPhone a bit of a workout.