Coming Soon to Audible: Dustin Hoffman Reading Jerzy Kosinski

The A-List Collection is off to a great start at, with $14.95 offerings ready by Susan Sarandon, Samuel L. Jackson, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet. Intriguingly, Hathaway’s rendering of The Wizard of Oz has the reader-reviews edge so far, ahead of her fellow celebs by a half star.

As with all things Hollywood related, the coming attractions are as important a part of the package as the feature presentation. And in that respect, audible has got it going on.

Nine more tantalizing titles are currently teased. Everything from Colin Firth reading Graham Greene to Meg Ryan dropping into William Saroyan‘s The Human Comedy.

But for FishbowlLA’s digital money, the one that we can’t wait to sample is Dustin Hoffman‘s A-list Collection rendition of Jerzy Kosinsky‘s Being There. No one can ever (or should try to) touch the big screen version with Peter Sellers. But amidst today’s nonsensical celebrity culture, a sardonic (we hope) new treatment from Rain Man himself, well, that’s just what the media doctor ordered.

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